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50 Cent Claims Floyd Mayweather Has No Money, But The Boxer Has An Epic Response

When it comes to rich athletes, there’s arguably no one like Floyd Mayweather, who mercilessly flaunts his wealth for the world to see. However, his former pal 50 Cent claims the man is now broke, which is quite unbelievable for those who really know the boxer.

A lot of people took the artist’s revelation with a grain of salt while others’ curiosity was piqued, nonetheless, 50 Cent’s statement certainly was intriguing. In an interview with Hot 97 Radio, the rapper believes that Floyd will get in the ring again because he needed money.

50 Cent said Floyd needs to fight to earn money

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, further hinted that the 42-year-old was desperate to earn that he will host at a nightclub if you want him to.

He went on to describe what the boxer’s finance cycle looks like: secure a fight, win, get the prize, spend everything, and back to finding a bout again.

It is worth noting that Floyd has amassed $1.1 billion from boxing, the same sport where his namesake father has also made a name for himself.

The younger Mayweather marks one of the few athletes to have earned such a humongous amount — others are Arnold Palmer, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Michael Schumacher, and Jack Nicklaus.

Tiger Woods is one of the few billionaire athletes

Some of Floyd’s most lucrative fights were the 2015 bout with Manny Pacquiao, which earned him $250 million, and the 2017 match with Conor McGreggor that made him $300 million richer. Way back in 2013, a reporter had the chance to see the highly celebrated boxer’s checking account, which had $123 million!

On the other hand, Floyd has had eyebrow-raising spending moves that could totally make you think about 50 Cent’s claim. First, the athlete, aptly nicknamed Money, is throwing millions of dollars on properties – he has a spacious mansion ($25 million) in Beverly Hills and two in Las Vegas ($20 million combined).

Floyd also has two private jets: a $30-million Gulfstream and a $60-million Gulfstream G650. The first aircraft is used by his entourage while the more expensive one is used by the boss and his close friends and family.

The boxer owns two jets

But it looks like Floyd is far from being penniless as he seemed to take a dig at his ex-friend through his most recent social media posts. In one photo, the man showed his first shoe closet, although oddly enough, there wasn’t a single pair in sight in the massive room.

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