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OCA Postpones The Asian Game In China

For some Indians, it’s an excellent opportunity to rest for a few days, as the Asian games have been postponed to 2023, and the players must be happy and excited.

Assuming the Asian game will go ahead as it always happens, China will be hosting 23 nations for the Asian Cup. The continent’s showpiece football championship is in June and July next year. Then in the following month, a series of international games will take place such as Olympics in Paris and so on.

Inside the Ga/ China has been hosting Asian games, especially football, for years.

August and September Will Be Packed From Asian Games

In August, the athletics, swimmers, badminton players, soccer experts, and footballers will have their matches for a championship series. However, the year will be full of packed schedule games, and September will also be a jam-picked games month.

Boston News / The months of August and September are considered “the months of games” not only in Asia but throughout the world.

Furthermore, the most famous world championships will be held in September, such as basketball, canoeing, gymnastics, boxing, and wrestling (for that the teams will double up as the Olympic qualifiers).

Continental Body Postpones The Asian Game

Nonetheless, the continental body has announced that the host was well-prepared for the games, but they have decided to postpone it until another announcement. However, they were worried and considered the pandemic situation and the size of the games. Because more than 11,000 athletes from 44 countries were set to compete in 40 sports, making the Asian Games nearly as big as the Olympics in terms of size.

However, this decision of the continental body has bemused everyone out there. While the hosts and organizers were presenting their case to OCA in Tashkent. Nonetheless, an Asian Games test event for rowing, one of the many held in the last few weeks, reached its conclusion in Hangzhou.

Hainan Island / The Asian games are postponed for an ‘unknown time.’

In Bangkok and New Delhi, the hockey qualifiers were got underway. The team that monitors the preparation of Indian Olympic players was in the middle of its meeting in which Asian Games were on the agenda when the news flashed.

An Indian Olympic President Showes Sorrows On The Postponement

Narinder Batra, the Indian Olympic Association president, showed his sadness and asserted that it was a surprise for us because we were diligently preparing ourselves to rock the match with flying colors. He furthermore said that he wasn’t happy with the committee’s decision and wanted his team to play well.

On the postponement of the Asian game by OCA, everyone showed their anger and sorrow. But a delay seemed inevitable in the backdrop of rising Covid-19 cases in China. Undoubtedly, if OCA allows china to host, then there is a higher chance to get a covid positive among all. Hangzhou and Shanghai face a restricted lockdown, and no one is allowed to roam outside.

Covid-19 Origins In China

Not only the Asian game but several international games were forced to be canceled and postponed in china due to the spread of covid-19. Furthermore, moments after the Asian Games were postponed, the World University Games, which were to be held in Chengdu, too were pushed back to 2023, while the Shantou Youth Asian Games were canceled altogether.

Nevertheless, not all are worried and unhappy if we see athletes and players. Hence, they are quite happy to get news of postponement because they will get a prolonged rest from games, and they can enjoy their vacations.

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