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Who Won Canelo vs Ryder? Inside Alvarez’s Homecoming That Took an Unexpected Turn

Who won Canelo vs Ryder? This query dominated discussions after a thrilling encounter in Guadalajara, Mexico, where the sport of boxing shone brightly, showcasing its athletes’ incredible talent and determination. In a highly anticipated homecoming for Canelo Alvarez, the fight against John Ryder was not just about defending a title; it was a narrative of resilience, skill, and the heart of champions.

The Fight Night: A Tale of Two Warriors

The atmosphere at Akron Stadium was electric, a fitting stage for a bout that promised so much and delivered even more. Alvarez, returning as the prodigal son, was set to defend his undisputed super-middleweight championship against a determined Ryder. From the outset, the fight lived up to its billing, with both fighters exchanging strategic blows, searching for dominance.


Yet, in the pivotal fifth round, Alvarez landed a fast, crisp combination, sending Ryder to the canvas and setting the stadium alight. This moment could have spelled the end, but it marked the beginning of an extraordinary display of courage from Ryder.

Who Won Canelo vs Ryder? A Battle of Will and Strategy

Rising from a knockdown is no small feat, especially against a boxer of Alvarez’s caliber. Yet, Ryder did just that. With blood streaming and pain evident, he heeded the advice from his corner, turning the fight into a testament to his resilience. Over the subsequent rounds, Ryder managed to challenge Alvarez, proving to the spectators and himself that he belonged in this elite tier of boxing.

Who won Canelo vs Ryder

Seb Sternik | MSN | Canelo and Ryder during a weigh-in.

Despite Ryder’s valiant effort, the unanimous decision favored Canelo Alvarez, with scores of 120-107, 118-109, and 118-109, ensuring the super-middleweight championship belt stayed in Mexico. This verdict, while decisive, only scratches the surface of a night that was a true embodiment of boxing’s unpredictable and captivating nature.

Ryder’s Resilience: A Surprise to Many

Entering as the underdog, Ryder’s performance was a revelation to the boxing world. His ability to recover, adapt, and challenge Alvarez highlighted his world-class capabilities. Despite not clinching the title, Ryder’s display of heart and skill earned him a newfound respect and recognition, showcasing his rightful place among the sport’s best.

What’s Next for Canelo Alvarez?

With the Ryder about in the rearview, Alvarez’s future beckons with intriguing possibilities. The boxing community is abuzz with speculation about his next move—whether it involves a rematch with Dmitry Bivol at a higher weight class or taking on new challengers like David Benavidez. From here on, Alvarez’s decisions will not only define his career trajectory but also shape the future landscape of boxing.

Who won canelo vs Ryder - Canelo flexes muscles ahead of anticipated bout.

Jesse Holland | MSN | Canelo flexes muscles ahead of anticipated bout.


Who won Canelo vs Ryder extends beyond the simplicity of a verdict; it encapsulates the essence of boxing—a sport replete with drama, passion, and the indomitable spirit of its athletes. For Alvarez, the victory in Guadalajara was both a homecoming triumph and a stepping stone to future challenges. For Ryder, despite the loss, the fight was a declaration of his caliber as a fighter, earning him respect and admiration far beyond the confines of the ring. As the dust settles, both fighters look forward to their next chapters, enriched by the experience of a night that celebrates the best of boxing.

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