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NBA Summer League Updates: The Los Angeles Lakers Defeat The Miami Heat

Last Saturday night was the night of the Los Angeles Lakers at Chase Center. Two young blood, Pippen Jr. and Shareef O’Neal, debuted in the NBA while playing for the purple and gold. The latter is the son of the former basketball legend Shaq O’Neal. The 21 years old was spectacular on the ground.

Likewise, the 22 years old Pippen Jr. was also fantastic throughout the game. Pippen Jr. is the son of the former basketball crème de la crème, Scotty Pippen. The spectacular debut performance of these two young athletes enabled the Los Angeles Lakers to secure an easy 100-66 win.

The Spun / Shareef O’Neal is the son of the former basketball legend Shaq O’Neal.

The Los Angeles Lakers Pick Fresh Blood

A week before the mega sport at Chasen Center, the sons of the two legends – Shaq O’Neal and Scotty Pippen – were undrafted. However, the Los Angeles Lakers picked up the new faces as they were all set to compete with the Miami Heat. It turned out that the purple and gold had made the right decision by picking up Shareef O’Neal and Pippen Jr.

Pippen Jr. outclassed his opponents throughout the game. Out of the eight free attempts, Pippen Jr. scored seven. Similarly, he secured 3/5 shots from the field and 1/5 from beyond the arch. Throughout the game, the athleticism of 21 years old Pippen Jr. was worth watching. He was enthusiastic and aggressive throughout the play. Given his debut performance, the Los Angels Lakers are pretty satisfied with their selection.

ESPN / Pippen Jr. is the son of the former basketball crème de la crème, Scotty Pippen.

Just like his counterpart, Shareef O’Neal was also wonderful throughout the game in his debut match. In the 16 minutes game, young O’Neal got two free throws and scored both. Similarly, he scored 2/3 shots from the floor and ended the night with six points for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Shareef O’Neal & Pippen Jr. Turn Out to be a Good Selection for the Los Angeles Lakers

Nevertheless, the game was broadcasted on ESPN 2, and basketball fans tuned in worldwide. It is essential to mention that ESPN 2 will be streaming all of the NBA Summer League games. So, if you have not tuned in yet, select your favorite team and get ready for the exciting rebounds and assists.

The Bleacher / Pippen Jr. and Shareef O’Neal make it an easy win for the Los Angeles Lakers as they shine in the 100-66 win at Chasen Center.

Following the easy 100-66 win on Saturday night, everyone could not help but praise the two young selections of the Los Angeles Lakers: Pippen Jr. and Shareef O’Neal.

Given their wonderful debut performances, everyone praised the former basket legends’ sons. Everyone eulogized the two, from the Los Angeles Lakers management to the stadium fans and online fans. Nevertheless, the comments from the dads of the two young emerging stars are yet to come. They surely are proud of them!

Commenting on his son’s career, Shaq said earlier that he does not force his son to play basketball or any other sport. Instead, he wants him to pursue what he loves doing. If that is basketball, why not?

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