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Highlights of The Turkish Grand Prix 2020

Formula 1 fans, hold your horses! We’re about to spill the beans on the Turkish Grand Prix 2020.

If you’ve been following the Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship, you’d know about the changes in this year’s racing calendar due to Coronavirus. But what’s utterly surprising is that even after all the restrictions, this year’s F1 championship is hitting the headlines like never before. The different legs of the race that are being held at varying geographical locations are turning out to be absolute nail-biters.


Rapid Leaks | Despite Coronavirus restrictions, this year’s Turkish Grand Prix was full of excitement

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Talking about edge-of-the-seat excitement, the Turkish Grand Prix that was held on Sunday, the 15th of November, was absolutely mind-blowing. Held at the Intercity Istanbul Park Circuit, with 58 laps and 20 contenders fighting it out for the coveted P1, it was a breathtaking race.

Let’s check out more details about it, shall we?

Unfolding the race

The Intercity Istanbul Park Circuit was last used in 2011, with Sebastian Vettel (former racer for Renault) emerging as the winner. But currently, Vettel races for Ferrari, and therefore, rumors were rife that he’s already accustomed to the circuit and has the upper hand over other contenders.

The race began with enthusiasm and camaraderie among contenders. Though things proceeded in a sort of run-of-the-mill fashion up to the 17th lap, the excitement began from the 18th.


Sporting Ferret | The race was held on 15th November at

During the 18th lap, Max Verstappen, who was earlier in the third position, lost his control due to a wide turn and dropped to the sixth position. Till the end of the thirty-third lap, the first position was held onto by Lance Stroll, while Sergio Perez and Alexander Albon took over the second and third positions. But soon, Albon took a wide turn, and it cost him the 3rd position, which was taken over by Lewis Hamilton.

Going further, there was again a drastic change in positions. By the end of the thirty-seventh lap, Hamilton was leading the race, followed by Sergio Perez, while Verstappen was in the third place, struggling to move ahead.

During the 40th lap, there was some hustle between Charles Leclerc and Albon, but Leclerc sped ahead and secured the fifth position. But it was safe to say that the man wasn’t satisfied with P5 and kept fighting. As a result, by the end of the 45th lap, he’d taken over the third position, leaving his teammate Vettel at the fourth place.

But, as always, the ending is what matters the most. Lewis Hamilton won the Turkish Grand Prix 2020. This was his 94th win, and he equaled Michael Schumacher’s record with this victory. The fourth position’s line-up included Perez at P2, Vettel at P3, and Lerec at P4.


Motorsport Magazine | Keeping with his current winning streak, Lewis Hamilton finished in P1

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Wrapping it up

This year’s F1 Championship has been amazing so far, but there’s still one race left. So friends, don’t lose hope yet! Your favorite racer can still take one of the top five positions for the season. Keep your fingers crossed and send them lots of wishes.

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