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What Do Roman Abramovich’s Sanctions Mean For Chelsea?

The future of European players at Chelsea is uncertain. Due to the sanction placed on Roman Abramovich (Russian Owner of Chelsea football club). He was in charge since 2003. In contrast, he attempted to sell the club halted by the UK government.

BBC / The billionaire and owner of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich’s future is uncertain given the current sanctions.

UK Government Freezes Roman’s Assets

The UK government sanctioned Romans as a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And it has also frozen all of his assets. According to the Government, the Romans have a close relationship with Vladimir Putin.
Similarly, like all of his frozen assets, Chelsea would have been frozen too. But, a special license had been granted to Stamford Bridge club to operate the Chelsea.

The men’s team of Chelsea won the match at Norwich in the Premier League. On the other hand, the females won the game at West Ham in the super league at the same time. However, the UK government’s special license granted permission to Chelsea to pay wages, including coaching staff and players. This license has validity till 31 May. Nonetheless, it covered all the blues, and the treasury has a right to revoke and vary it at any time for the rest of the season.

VOI / The government has allowed Chelsea to accomplish its fixtures for the rest of the season.

Chelsea Is Banned To Negotiate

Due to the sanctions, Chelsea cannot sell or buy any player. Similarly, it is also banned from negotiating with any new contractors for the players. That they currently own. Therefore, their future is uncertain for those who currently deal until 31 May.

However, it applies to Antonio Rudiger, Cesar Azpilicueta, and Andreas Christensen. Who is thinking of moving to Barcelona? Although Rudiger was quite close to the deal, recent developments have left him oblivious. Furthermore, the BBC mentioned that the future of Chelsea men’s and women’s coaches is also uncertain. It’s a similar situation for both Thomas Tuchel and Emma Hayes. However, Tuchel asserted that it’s a challenging situation for all of us. But he’s happy to remain as manager of the club.

For Chelsea members, CBS Sports / The current situation is reportedly “tough and uncertain.”

The BBC also stated that Hayes had been at the club for decades. In July, she signed her contract and is looking forward to winning her first Champions League title at Chelsea. And also have won 10 trophies. She is the most supportive member of the team. And had gained a lot of respect from many.

Nevertheless, she’s the exclusive trustee among them all. To whom Roman has attempted to give her “stewardship” of Chelsea. No one ever questioned his commitment toward her work.

Can Chelsea Be Sold?

According to BBC News, Chelsea was put up for sale on March 2. And many interested parties to buy Chelsea can be seen. Despite Roman being sanctioned. In contrast, the UK government was looking forward to adding to allow sales to proceed further.

However, those working on deals on behalf of Roman sent the proceeds from the sale as a fund to the victims of Ukraine. That’s why Roman put the club on sale. Furthermore, Roman instructed the investment company (Raine Group) to seek 3 Billion Pounds for the club. In contrast, the finance expert says that an inflated price could reduce further because of the uncertainty held in Chelsea. However, the Raine group has temporarily stopped the sale process while the company seeks the government’s answer. Laura Scoot (BBC News) asserted that the UK government had set 20,000 per team, including travel. However, the budget is quite low for the team to operate normally.

Chelsea’s Sponsorship Worth

Within a few hours of announcing the sanction of Roman by the government. Chelsea’s shirt sponsors have withdrawn 40 million from the club. It’s pretty uncertain whether Chelsea’s sponsorships are at risk or not.
On the other hand, a London club had been assigned a new kit deal with NIKE. It was reported to be worth 60M pounds. Trivago (a global hotel search platform) was a sponsor of Chelsea. As an official club’s training partner.

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