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Switching to a Cheaper Mode of Transport? The Cost of Charging an Electric Car!

Since the turn of the century, there has been an increased emphasis on conserving the earth from exploitation and extinction. This means more and more awareness is getting dispensed about green living and living mindfully as to conserve resources for upcoming generations.

The extraction of non-renewable fuels was levying a great burden on the world, and thus, new forms of fuel and energy resources have evolved to support an environmentally friendly living.

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Electric Cars to Replace Fuel Based Cars

One of these evolutions includes the introduction of electric cars to replace traditional fuel-based cars on the way to conservation. This invention came about time because of the constant strain on non-renewable resources like oil and gas, which have now neared depletion point in some mines. The most important incentive for people to endorse electric cars is the saving it yields in cash. In many cases, charging an electric car costs less than half compared to refueling through traditional means like petrol or diesel.

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The Cheapest Mode for Recharging Car

According to the government electric vehicle campaign of Go-Ultra Low, 90% of owners of EVs charge their vehicles at home. This is the cheapest way of recharging the car, even after taking electric tariffs into account. A Nissan Leaf can cost as much as £5 ($6.66), even after accounting for the tax levy, and the car can give a mileage of 200 miles in a fully charged engine. This gives the average cost per mile to as low as £0.025 ($0.033).

In order to cut down your average even lower, you can invest in the last smart wall boxes that can be operated from a mobile app and can facilitate you by charging your vehicle when the electricity is the cheapest. This time bracket usually lies at night, meaning that your car can charge at ease while you lay huddled under your blanket.

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The Cost of Installing a Charging Facility at Home

When it comes to installing a charging facility at your home, you first need an electrician to come and inspect your house’s wiring to see if it is up to the task and then install the box. There are a variety of manufacturers offering competitive products and prices for you to choose from.

The benefit is that the government is supporting motorists seeking to switch to EV cars. This means that when you get your charging unit installed by an authorized dealer Office of Low Emissions Vehicles (OLEV) will write down your bill by 75% up to £350 ($466). This means your new EV charging unit can cost you just £400 ($532).

Wrapping It Up

Are you convinced by this attractive replacement for your traditional fuel-based cars and want to invest in an EV? Then the good news is that few companies are offering free wall box and installation facility if you choose their model of car when going green.

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