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Former Boxing Champion Gareth Hopcyn Just Recovered From Cardiac Surgery and Went Straight to The Pub

Gareth Hopcyn, 73, is a former champion of Stockport. He has battled pneumonia, open-heart surgery, and a broken leg in the past six months. Each time he returned from the hospital, he went away on tour to a pub. He has been visiting the gray horse pub for over 50 years, calling it his local community.

The National Wales / Gareth Hopcyn was once ranked among the ten influential Welsh boxers.

However, Gareth had experienced open-heart surgery to correct his leaking valve. This happened last September as soon as Gareth was discharged from the hospital. He made his way back to the gray horse pub for his daily two pints of bitter. On the other hand, the environmental health officer asserted that. He had been driven to the pub by his wife (Stella). Although, he was in a recovery stage. But didn’t stop and insisted on the pint of beers.

Gareth Insists to Go Pub Soon After Recovering

In addition, the officer said that anyhow, it was a strange thing. to rush all way towards the pint of bitter. Soon after coming home from the hospital. But, he doesn’t have any choice except to take him to the pub immediately after the recovery from his heart surgery.

Health Line / The former boxer went through cardiac surgery due to heart failure.

Gareth had been attacked by pneumonia and stayed at the hospital for a week. Nonetheless, Gareth has faced the third stroke of injury to his leg. When he was walking with his dog (Tilly), he fell over and broke his leg.

Moreover, Gareth stated that he had Tilly on a long training lead. While walking with his dog. And realized that it was loosely caught on his leg. The dog figured out a squirrel and immediately ran after it. And then the misery happened.

Helen Gets Delighted to See Gareth At Pub

According to Gareth, the injury was quite painful and frustrating. He stayed in a hospital for a week. He had to put in a bolt into his fracture for support. Helen Partington (owner of the Grey Horse pub) said that she was delighted to see Gareth back at the pub.

Soon after recovering from each injury. We always get so shocked each time. We came to know that he immediately came back to the pub after a recovery. She said that he’s a beautiful part of the pub. Because he had a community feel for us.

Flicker / Gareth calls the Grey Horse pub his “Local Community.”

Gareth Never Misses Going to Grey Horse Pub

Furthermore, Gareth mentioned that he had his miseries behind him. And now he can visit the pub. He was leaving behind all the drama. He explained that enjoying a pint of Joseph Holt bitter at lunchtime is a part of his daily routine. He stated that although he’s retired. But never miss his pint of bitterness. Even if it’s not available at home, he goes all the way to the pub to enjoy the essence of the pint daily. However, he hopes that it will be the last misery of his health. And he loves to have a drink at lunchtime.

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