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10 Amazing Facts About NBA Star Chandler Parsons’ $17 Million Resort-Like Mansion

What could be a better place to live than Malibu, California? Though, it’s a vibrant and close-to-nature city. Chandler Parson has absolutely chased his dreams in real-time in this city. He has been residing here for a sheer part of his life. Now, Chandler has decided to sell it all out for $17 million. 

Little About Chandler Parsons

Chandler Parsons is a famous American basketball player. He played basketball for the University of Florida.
Moreover, he was drafted by Houston Rockets as the 38th overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft.

Marca / Chandler has won as many as 17 awards, including SEC Player of the Year. Reports NBC

During his nine years of a fine basketball career, he played for House Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies, and the Atlanta Hawks. Undoubtedly, Chandler Parson was the first athlete who was recognized as a valuable player in the championship game. Soon after scoring 30 points and gaining ten rebounds overall, he achieved this milestone.
Chandler Parsons has announced his plans to buy a resort-type mansion-made house in Malibu.

A Devastating Accident Caused an Early End to Chandler’s Career

Chandler Parson faced an accident caused by a devastating car crash. The crash resulted in humongous injuries. His injury includes majorly:

  • Brain damage
  • Disk fracture
  • A torn labrum

Bleacher Report / Chandler’s accidental retirement from NBA was an agony and shock for his fans.

As a result, Chandler met with an unfortunate career-ending mishap and soon announced his retirement. Instantly after retirement, he bought the resort-like mansion, which is the talk of the town today.

How Does The $17 Million Mansion Look Like?

Chandler is reported to be a fan of a lavish lifestyle. The Los Angeles Times reports that the former athlete has an unwavering taste for architecture and design. Here are 10 amazing facts about Chandler’s mansion that is worth $17 million:

  1. His mansion-styled home has five bedrooms followed by five bathrooms.
  2. The house is nestled above the sunset strip.
  3. The luxury home is not boxy. Instead, a formal living room has a curve-shaped wall. Undoubtedly, Just a perfect gazebo for piano.
  4. The flooring is done with white oaks and walnut woods.
  5. Moreover, kitchen cabinets are created from light-shaded woods and light countertops.
  6. Similarly, the ideal house is equipped in such a way that gives a feeling of beach appropriateness.
  7. In addition to that, glassy foldaway windows, several balconies, and cherry on top are a skylight that brightens the three-story house.

Pinterest / From a bird’s eye view, the mansion gives a serene and attractive look.

  1. However, the outdoor comfort contains a large white oak desk, an ice blue-colored pool followed by a spa, and a fire pit.
  2. As well a dry leave rooftop cover pavilion with a kitchenette, an area for grilling, and a bar.
    A designed area, secluded for a guest house, followed by a gym, a gaming room, and a vast movie theatre.
  3. Indeed, the cherry on top of Malibu’s coastline is not far away from his house. However, it’s absolutely accessible for golf carts.

All these features add up to the worthwhile features of the resort-like mansion. Nonetheless, Parsons has not made any significant changes to his new house, which he bought in 2019. The property is now up for sale for $17 million. An all-encompassing property and a lavishly designed home of the former basketball player awaits its new owner.

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