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Check Out The COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines for NBA Players

From players staying in bio bubbles to the postponement of the 2020 season, the National Basketball Association is constantly hitting the headlines, and the credit for this goes to Coronavirus. Since the virus struck, there hasn’t been a single human being who isn’t stressed with the curfews and restrictions, but nonetheless, we have to keep up with the authorities to stay safe. 


The Indian Express | The NBA has been taking the utmost precautions to ensure the safety of teams against Coronavirus

Coming back to basketball, how many of you have missed the NBA matches this year? Well, even if you have, you don’t have to anymore. The wait is over because the NBA recently announced that the 2020 season would commence on December 22.

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Entire teams, including players, coaches, and staff members, have been staying completely isolated in Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World, where the NBA has made arrangements for their safety. The NBA has recently tightened up its health and safety guidelines by restricting players to visit bars or clubs.

Let’s take a detailed look at the new rules, shall we?

Changes made by the NBA to ensure player safety

It’s been almost a week since the NBA drafted a 158-page memo explaining the COVID-19 policies governing their safety protocols. 

According to the new guidelines, each team will be divided into two tiers – tier 1 and tier 2. Tier 1 would hold 45 members consisting of players, coaches, and trainers. Tier 2 will consist of other staff members, medical staff, and food service workers who will be interacting with tier 1 members constantly while wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.


Insider | A week ago, the NBA drafted a 158-page memo explaining the COVID-19 policies governing their safety protocols

The revised guidelines prohibit both tier 1 and tier 2 members from going to clubs, bars, or any indoor gatherings that exceed 15 people. Moreover, both tier members will have regular PCR tests conducted on them, and as they’re moving away from the bio-bubble, the NBA has offered twice a week PCR tests for any individual who stays in the same house as tier 1 and 2 members.

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What happens if a player violates the restrictions?

The NBA is very particular about following protocols. As such, naturally, members from both tiers will be subjected to penalizations like warnings, fines, or even suspensions depending upon the gravity of their conduct. If a Coronavirus outbreak occurs as a result of a team violation, the team can face issues like suspension, fine, or loss of draft. In severe cases, the game can also be canceled, and if members repeatedly violate protocols, the team might be penalized as well.


Financial Times | If a Coronavirus outbreak takes place as a result of a team violation, then the team can face issues like suspension, fine, or loss of draft

What can be expected in the future?

The whole world is patiently waiting for the arrival of a Coronavirus vaccine, and so is the NBA. However, taking a vaccine won’t be mandatory for players. The NBA will probably add some protocols for players who aren’t taking the vaccine, but they’re emphasizing teams to ask tier 1 and 2 members to take flu shots for safety. 

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