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NBA Superstar LeBron James Helps Make Kids’ Dreams Come True By Doing This Awe-Inspiring Move

Ironically, education is touted as the key to poverty but to finish schooling, you need to have a lot of money. Thankfully, there are a few kind-hearted individuals like LeBron James, who is willing to lend a hand to those in need.

Five years ago, the NBA player, fondly called the King, launched the I Promise campaign through his eponymous foundation. The initiative aimed to send more than 2,000 children to college as long as they make sure that they graduate from high school with the lowest grade of 3.0.

LeBron James launched the I Promise campaign, which aims to send more than 2,000 kids to college

Many lauded LeBron’s move, which he said was a way to give back to others, especially in the community he grew up in. He opened the I Promise School in his hometown, Akron, Ohio, to give accessible education to students.

Recently, the foundation and Kent State University have partnered to bring free tuition and board fees to deserving students from the network. A junior class visited the Northeast Ohio campus, thinking that they will just observe around.

The foundation partnered with Kent State University

However, the students got the surprise of their lives when it was revealed that all 193 of them shouldn’t worry about college because their four years, as well as board and room, may be fully covered. To avail of the free tuition, there are a few requirements, including admission, completion of a specific number of hours of community service, and filled-out financial aid forms.

Melody Tankersley, an official from the university, explained that this was merely the fruit of the children’s hard work. Executive director Michele Campbell reiterated the sentiment and added that this will be a perfect opportunity for them to excel even more.

Kids couldn’t believe the announcement and who can blame them? Unfortunately, education has become a privilege because of the skyrocketing cost of studying — in fact, even after they have finished schooling and have started working, they still carry the burden of student loans.

LeBron was also at a loss for words on the recent announcement, but just expressed how this would be helpful for the children in his town who have limited choices.

The NBA player has been reaching out to kids in his community

Fans of the Lakers player know that this wasn’t out of the norm – the 35-year-old had been helping his community in many ways. LeBron has renovated an old apartment in Akron to become a house for I Promise School families.

His team realized that helping the kids to finish school would be useless if they have problems at home, they don’t have a roof above their heads, or they don’t have anything to eat. Because of this, LeBron decided to use this place so that they can support the students on a deeper level.

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