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Tristan Thompson Exposed A HUGE Secret About Former Teammate LeBron James’ Diet

NBA star LeBron James is serious when it comes to caring for his body. Not surprising since it’s his athleticism that became his main claim to fame.

However, one of his former Cleveland Cavaliers teammates spilled some inside info about his real diet and it looks like the Los Angeles Lakers player is slipping more than he lets on.

Eating Like A King

Thompson mentions that James eats five French toasts for breakfast among other treats

As it turns out, King James does eat like a king. As his former teammate Tristan Thompson reveals in a The Athletic interview, the 35-year-old athlete has a sweet tooth and loves his sugary treats.

This begins with breakfast when James reportedly downs toast with fruits drowned in syrup as well as a four-egg omelet.

The sweets fest doesn’t end there though as he continues to consume them throughout the day eating desserts with his every meal.

Thompson also observed how his then-teammate would get on a one-week healthy diet.

Finding the player’s way of eating mind-boggling, he admitted to once trying to follow his footsteps after seeing how James can still perform well. It didn’t end well for Thompson though as he just gained weight because of it.

Contrasting Anecdotes

According to the athlete himself, his diet consists of healthy food

What Thompson has revealed is certainly a contrast from previous anecdotes about James’ diet. In 2018, the NBA star gave a breakdown of his daily meals showing how healthy he eats.

His usual fare includes an egg-white omelet, smoked salmon, and even gluten-free pancakes.

The rest of his meals are a dish of whole-wheat pasta with vegetables and salmon, and a dinner of chicken with a salad.

He also shared how he avoids sugar-filled drinks as well as fried food. And for added help, he has trainer Mike Mancias who helps him eat clean.

James also reportedly spends a whopping $1.5 million every year to keep himself in top shape. This amount pays for his trainers, home gym, and the advanced recovery technology he uses

Still In Top Shape

James works out around five to seven days a week

If Thompson’s statements are indeed true, it seems that James’ occasional indulgence for sweets doesn’t affect his performance much at all.

As another former teammate, Kyle Korver, shares, he once saw James finish a relay without problem and even did a windmill dunk while Korver himself ended up throwing up because of the cardio relay.

Korver describes the experience of seeing his teammate do that as ‘unbelievable’ saying that James was ‘from a different world’.

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