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How Dillon Danis Vs. Logan Paul Ended With a Shocking Disqualification

In the electrifying world of professional boxing, there are fights that leave fans awestruck. And then there are fights that make headlines for all the wrong reasons. The Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis bout in Manchester, England, undoubtedly falls into the latter category.

As the two fighters clashed in a six-round spectacle, it was a jaw-dropping move in the final round that brought an unexpected end to the match. Consequently, this resulted in a disqualification and securing a win for Logan Paul.

Logan Paul, the YouTube sensation turned boxer, had already raised eyebrows with his transition to the world of combat sports. Following his debut loss to fellow YouTuber KSI in 2018, Paul was determined to prove himself in the ring.

Dillon / IG / In a furious 1-1 fight, YouTube sensation Logan Paul and American Jiu-Jitsu black belt Dillon Danis head to a 6-round fight in Manchester, England.

Dillon Danis, an American Jiu-Jitsu black belt known for his MMA prowess, stood on the other side of the ring. This was Danis’ first foray into the world of boxing since 2019, and the anticipation was palpable.

He connected with a series of jabs and hooks, displaying a significant improvement in his boxing skills since his last outing. Danis, however, struggled to find his rhythm, taking four rounds to connect with his punches consistently. It was evident that Paul had the upper hand, and the fight seemed to be heading towards a decision in his favor.

The Unexpected Turn

However, in the boxing world, surprises often lie in wait, and this fight was no exception. As the sixth and final round began, tensions were running high. Paul was on the verge of securing his first professional boxing victory. But the unexpected was just around the corner.

Logan / IG / The early rounds of the fight saw Logan Paul take control, dominating the ring with his height and reach advantage.

Dillon Danis saw an opportunity to turn the tide in the dying moments of the fight. With the clock ticking down, he attempted a maneuver that left the entire arena in disbelief – the pulldown by guillotine. It was a move that caught everyone off guard, including his opponent, Logan Paul.

A guillotine choke is a common submission hold in MMA, but attempting it in a boxing match was nothing short of audacious. As Danis latched onto Paul, trying to pull him down into the hold, the crowd gasped, and the referee hesitated. It was a move that defied the rules and norms of professional boxing.

The Move Made Security Interrupt

Security personnel quickly scrambled into the ring, sensing the gravity of the situation. The referee had no choice but to call for the disqualification of Dillon Danis, awarding Logan Paul an unexpected and somewhat controversial victory. The audience erupted into a chorus of boos and cheers, torn between admiration for Danis’ audacity and frustration at his disregard for the rules.

Logan / IG / For Logan Paul, this win marked a significant milestone in his boxing career. With a record of 1-1, he had proven that he was more than just a social media sensation trying his hand at professional sports.

In the aftermath of the fight, opinions were divided. Some argued that Dillon Danis had attempted the guillotine out of desperation, knowing that a decision loss was imminent. Others believed it was a calculated move to generate buzz and make headlines. Whatever the motive, there was no denying that the move had stolen the spotlight from what was otherwise a convincing performance by Logan Paul.

His victory over Dillon Danis served as a redemption story, erasing the memory of his previous loss to KSI and setting the stage for future challenges in the world of boxing.

As for Dillon Danis, the road ahead remained uncertain. While his guillotine attempt had certainly garnered attention, it had come at a cost. The disqualification tarnished his boxing debut, leaving fans to wonder what his next move would be in the combat sports arena.

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