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Do You Know Why Football Is Called Soccer?

If you are a sports enthusiast, you must be wondering about the names and terms used to refer to various aspects of the game. For example, when you think of cricket, what comes to your mind? Apparently, you imagine 11 athletes representing a team and competing with 11 competitors. Of course, with a bat and ball. You will also imagine that they have a bat and a ball in their hands; the batter tries to hit the ball while the opponent tries to keep the ball away from the batter’s reach – very tactically.

Sounds familiar? Great! Allow us to ask you a tricky question: Have you ever wondered about the name “cricket.”  Meanning , why is this sport called cricket? A puzzling question, indeed. Well, we have got some more interesting sports-related questions for you. We will get you the answers in due course – that is, of course, if you do not know them already.

Erick / Pexels / Terms and “names” of sports are used to denote what and how athletes play.

If you dive deep, you will figure out that the terms that are used to denote the sport represent a sum of the whole. In other words, somehow and somewhere, the name (or the term) relates to the game itself.

In this ‘naming’ debate, football is arguably at the top of the list. Fairly so! The names that have been used for this sport have always been changing. Did you know that there was a time when football was called a rugger? No? Well, how about this? There are even more archaic names that were once used for football: Assoc and soca.

Tim / Pexels / Assoc and soca were the archaic football names used in the 19th century.

No more shocks! Now, let’s go ahead and unveil the ‘naming transformation’ of football:

  • The Naming History of Football

As mentioned earlier, the names for football have ever been changing. Every now and then, there have been different names used for it. What is the history of all those names, you ask? It turns out that football is a British game.

Jean / Pexels / Football was ‘innovated’ in Great Britain in the 19th century, and it was initially called “Rugger.”

Thanks to the enthusiasm of Great Britain, they have innovated (or, let’s say, created) several games. And football – or soccer as British lads call it – is on the top of the list.

Historians of football tell us that it was kicked off in Great Britain. By then, there were two forms of football. One was called a rugger. And the other was known as socca. Historians wonder if soccer – which is widely used in the U.K today – is an inspiration for the term socca.

However, this makes us wonder whether or not the changes in names have any impact on the nature of the game. Turns out that it has no impact at all! Meaning that although the terms have changed, the game has remained the same. Still, there are 11 footballers, and still, the rules of the game are the same. The change in names is just a matter of language. As language evolves, the names and terms also change.

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