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Looks Like Newcastle United Might Be Getting a New Manager

Newcastle is excited to take on board a new manager for a whole new change. Former Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe and the team reportedly held talks a week after head coach Unai Emery opted for a swift exit from becoming Steve Bruce’s permanent successor. The unexpected turn of events led the Newcastle management to seek an ideal candidate for this position and looks like Eddie Howe has made the cut.

Skysports | You’re looking at Newcastle United’s new manager for the next 2.5 years

Who Is the New Newcastle Manager?

Eddie Howe is a former football player and now professional English football manager. Howe initiated his football career with the help of Bournemouth when he played mostly as a defender. After playing for the club for a good 8 years, he rejoined for his second term only to retire 3 years later.

Howe wasted no time in making the career switch, transitioning into management a year after his retirement in 2007. He continued working for the Bournemouth club, briefly worked with Burnley but decided to return to Bournemouth. Eddie Howe has now resigned from Bournemouth finally but he holds the title for being the longest-serving manager in the Premier League.

Getty Images | Will the football club be lucky for Howe and vice versa? Only time will tell

New Era for Howe

The resignation from Bournemouth didn’t come out of anywhere – it was the relegation of the club in the premier league that was the final nail in the coffin for Howe. But now, he is onto better things after agreeing to take on the role of manager for Newcastle for a duration of two and a half years.

It is reported that it was Howe’s views on the club and his presentation that made a lasting impression on Newcastle’s owner which led him to get the new position. They were also impressed by his experience, attention to detail, and research. Now the agreement is set to move into its final form as sorting agreements are being finalized with Howe’s backroom staff.

Unai Emery’s departure definitely shocked the club as he was their first choice to replace Steve Bruce but Emery had reservations of his own. In a tweet, he thanked the club for their interest in him but mentioned that he wanted to continue working for the club that he is.

Getty Images | Unai ended the tweet by mentioning the upcoming match and his hopes for victory

They say that one man’s loss is another man’s gain but here, both of the candidates seem happy and content with their decision.

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