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Every Key Detail Of A Formula 1 Grand Prix Race Weekend

Formula One – better known as F1 – is one of the most loved sports in and outside of the United States. It is by far the highest single-wheel racing sport internationally. Because this motorsport is highly advanced today, beginners can feel that this racing sport is extremely complex and high tech.

If you are one of those new fans of F1 racing sports, this article is meant for you. In this article, we are going t look at the very basics of this motorsports. Apart from that, we will also simplify some of the complex events that take place in Formula 1 racing sports.

MSNBC / Formula One – AKA F1 – is one of the most advanced motorsports in the world.

Let’s get started with the very basics of F1:

What is Formula One – F1 – Racing Sport?

Formula one is a racing sport where contestants – i.e., drivers and manufacturers – compete to win the race. The motorsport dates back to the 1950s when the very first season of Formula One was inaugurated. Essentially, there were ten teams and 20 drivers in each season. And the one who reaches (or crosses) the destination first is announced as the winner of the race.

Wikipedia / The first ever inaugural season of F1 racing sport was conducted in the 1950s.

Today, the F1 sports has become much more advanced as it has been at least eight decades since the motorsport kicked off. The cars that were used in the motorsports have been upgraded. Similarly, the season – which is now known as Grand Prix Weekend – has also been refined.

What is the Grand Prix Weekend of Formula One Racing?

The Grand Prix Weekend of F1 is a race weekend that is typically organized over a three-day period, with their being close to 20 races on a race calendar. Usually, the race takes place on the weekend – i.e., from Friday to Sunday. That is why the word “weekend” is used to refer to the grand motorsports tournament.

Sky Sports / Friday is the “practice day” of the F1 racing game; Saturday is the “qualifying day,” and Sunday is the “grand final” day.

So, on Friday the practice session of the grand F1 racing kicks off. On this day, drivers prepare on the field and get ready for the big race on Saturday.

On the following day, the tournament is divided into three quarters:

– Q1: 18 minutes of qualifying.

– Q2: 15 minutes of qualifying.

– Q3: A 12-minute top-10 shootout.

Thus, whoever is the fastest in all these three qualifyings (Qs), qualifies for the race in their respective order, which takes place on Sunday. And drivers who are slowest in all these three qualifying quarters are eliminated from the tournament in intervals.

Finally, Sunday marks what they call the “Grand Prix,” the grand final race of F1 racing sports. Drivers are given 25 minutes to make a last check of their racing motors prior to getting on the grid. As spectators cheer them on, drivers will warm up and get ready for the big finale.

After the national anthem, the Grand Prix – the grand finale – kicks off. The final race is two hours long, and the driver who reaches the chequered flag first is announced as the winner.

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