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Exciting Highlights From The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

Are you a fan of the Formula 1 Driver’s championship? If not you’ll be after reading this post!

Just like every year, F1 races are quite popular around the world owing to the excitement and challenge they pack, but this year due to Coronavirus there was a lot of mishmash in their racing venues. With around thirteen races being cancelled, it was a tough call even for the organizers. But they strived to come up with at least eight races to comply with the FIA World Championship criteria.


Yahoo News | This year’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix was particularly exciting

And it seems that the effort paid off. With a huge fan following and constant support from the sponsors, the Formula 1 Championship 2020 has been breaking all records.

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New addition – the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

If you’ve been following F1 for years, you’d probably be aware of the addition of new venues to this year’s calendar. Emilia Romagna is one such venue, and the Grand Prix here was held on Saturday, the 31st of October. This circuit was last used in 2006 for conducting a Formula 1 race which was won by Michael Schumacher.

But 2020’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix was epic! For the first time, there was no practice session before the race. The racers were given only ninety minutes for practice, and that too, on the day the race was scheduled.


Essentially Sports | The racers were given only ninety minutes for practice on the day the race was scheduled

How the race unfolded

An exciting turn of events took place with the top five racers, none of whom were originally expected to lead. Everyone was in shock after Bottas took over the 1st position, with Max Verstappen at the second, and Hamilton at the third during the first lap. The three continued at these positions till the 18th lap, but as soon as they entered the 19th lap, Hamilton took over the second position leaving Verstappen behind. There was another rapid change in positions after an unfortunate breakdown with AlphaTauri.

By the twentieth lap, Hamilton was leading the race with Bottas and Verstappen at the second and third places. There was a fierce battle between Magnussen, Ricciardo and Leclerc for the eighth place, but Ricciardo took over the position by the end of the lap.

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Motor Authority | Hamilton came in first, Bottas second, and Ricciardo third

At the end, Mercedes won the race with Lewis Hamilton as the winner. But the surprising part was that Valtteri Bottas finished in second place giving Mercedes a 1-2 victory at Imola.

Taking over the first and second positions, Mercedes won the World Constructors Championship for the seventh time. Securing the third position was Daniel Ricciardo with Daniil KVYAT and Charles Leclerc at the fourth and fifth place.

Summing it up

TBH, 2020’ Emilia Romagna Grand Prix was an unbelievable and an extraordinary race. There was a lot of passion and enthusiasm among the racers, each of them ready to give it their all. But for the ones lagging behind, we’ve still got a number of races left. Buck up!

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