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Formula-E is All About Sustainability

The rush of adrenaline that surges within when a F1 race car swooshes by is irreplaceable. Everything about the sport peaks our imagination. The entire sport is a human experience. Ask any race car fan and they will tell you that the smell of burning tires, petrol combined, the incredible speed by which these cars rush by, the motorsport has truly become a feat of human engineering. But at what cost?

chris-peeters/ pexels | Formula one could be about to see a radical change with the introduction of hybrid vehicles

Sadly, the sport comes at the price of the environment. The motoring sport was said to have released more than 250,000 tonnes of CO2 in the past year. This rough estimate shows how alarming the situation can become if the sport does not intervene itself. While there’s no argument that the sport cannot be simply ‘abandoned’, there must be some solution to bring about sustainability to it. Surely, we cannot become nature’s worst enemy only for the sake of entertainment.

The FIA has found the answer to this by bringing out the Formula E brand. The Formula E shows fans that they can still enjoy the sport, and the same experience without compromising on the environment.

Oast House Archive/ | Electric motor racing is the future

Can Formula one survive the radical changes proposed?

While fans assimilate themselves to this new kind of racing, the original F-1 racing has also taken to remodel itself. The executives have pledged to reduce their carbon emissions to negligible by 2030. This is truly a statement of intent that, at the moment, seems does not seem too difficult to achieve.

Bringing this change will be difficult to achieve. First and foremost, they have to design a sustainable racing model that can match up to petrol-powered racing cars. Yes, the e-cars that they have introduced in formula E are top-notch. But will they be able to compete with the original cars? The FIA seems acutely aware of the problem they have with managing expectations. They cannot bring about a half-hearted change and introduce cars that look meek and tame in front of the petrol-powered engines of the current F! cars.

Not only would this hurt the integrity of the sport, but it might even go so bad as that they have to revert from their decisions entirely. This would be a PR nightmare that they are keen to avoid. So, the solution is simple. Design cars that can match the same speeds and driving experience as the current F1 cars but make the cars all-electric. Surely, that does not seem as hard as it sounds.

Presse_Online/ pixabay | Formula E is a step in the right direction for sports sustainability

Will billionaire car franchises accept the changes?

One hurdle to achieve this is to convince owners of car manufacturers who have spent decades fine-tuning their cars to perfection, to completely switch over to a new model of racing. This would completely change the game as it would bring out new competitors into the sphere who might dominate the electric motor racing world.

There has been some buzz that instead of completely, and suddenly, switching over to electric cars, car manufacturers are slowly but surely going to assimilate their cars to process. Hybrid cars that run mostly on electricity are becoming the point of discussion. All that one can hope is that while no one wants to ‘ruin’ the game, we certainly don’t want the authorities to leave the decision until it’s too late.

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