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Highlights Of The Nail-biting Sakhir Grand Prix 2020

Keeping aside the difficulties we’ve been facing due to Coronavirus, there are still many good things that have come across our way in 2020. And the Formula 1 Championship is one of them.

Even though this year racers have missed the fans’ presence in the stadiums, the F1 Championship has turned out to be awesome. However, with the races coming to an end by the 13th of December, fans are quite disappointed. Well, as they say, every new beginning comes from an end. So we have to bid adieu to the 2020 season so that the racers can make a spectacular comeback in 2021.


Autosport | The Sakhir Grand Prix 2020 was a nail biter of a race

Talking of comebacks, did you catch Sergio Perez’s performance at the Sakhir Grand Prix? Just so you know, the Sakhir GP has been the best race in Sergio’s career ‘coz this is where he won his first F1 race at the 190th attempt. 

Unfolding the events of Sergio’s maiden win

On Sunday 6th December, the Sakhir GP took place in Bahrain’s International Circuits outer loop. The unique thing about the outer loop circuit was that it was shorter than the original circuit. As a result, racers had to complete 87 laps to cover a distance of roughly 307 km.

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As soon as the race began, the racers were seen hustling for P1. While taking the first turn, Mercedes’ George Russell took the lead leaving all the other contenders behind. During the first lap’s second turn, Racing Point’s Sergio Perez met with an accident that involved Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen. Although the accident wasn’t huge, it slowed the racers down leaving Perez at the 18th position while the other two out of the race. 


Ferrari | Reportedly, a tire mix-up between Bottas and Russell cost them top positions

During the 21st lap, Sergio managed to secure the 9th position, leaving everyone speechless while the top two places remained with Russell and Mercedes’ Bottas. The standings were the same till the 55th lap, but during the 57th lap, Perez used his racing tricks to pass his teammate Lance Stroll and Renault’s Esteban Ocon to secure P3.

While the 63rd lap was on, due to some confusion among the Mercedes crew, Bottas lost P2 to Sergio. Later, the crew admitted that they’d accidentally mixed up Bottas’s and Russell’s tires that further led to Russell’s pit-stop. This allowed Perez to take up the first position by the 69th lap, and then he maintained the lead that gave him his maiden win. 

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Planet F1 | Sergio Perez secured P1 in his maiden 2020 win

Can we see Sergio’s in the next season?

After the news of Sergio getting dropped by Racing Point came out, all his fans doubted whether or not he will race in the next season. But his win at the Sakhir GP has made it clear that the 30-year-old racer is here to stay. 

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