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Top Five Extraordinary Race Cars Of All Time

From jam-packed stadiums to screeching race cars to live commentary, who doesn’t love the racing world! Racing has always been among the most thrilling sports adventures of all time. Whenever we see a race car driver, the first thought that comes to our minds is how exciting it would be to sit behind those wheels, isn’t it?

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But believe us, it’s isn’t as easy as it looks! A racecar driver has to go through numerous tests to sit at the helm of a sports car, and in addition to the driver being at the best of his capability, the car he’s driving also needs to be absolutely top-notch for the fans to witness a historic performance.


Trend Hunter | Racing cars have always been centers of attraction among sports enthusiasts

Talking of racing cars, we have something fun for you  today – a specially curated list of some of the most unique race cars of all time. Among these are some models that’ve been appreciated for their spectacular performance while a few that’ve failed miserably.

We know you can’t wait any longer, so without any further ado, let’s get started.

Austin Seven Race Car

One of the most amazing race cars of all time, the Austin Seven was the UK’s first pocket-friendly car launched in 1922. With a 6 feet 13-inch wheelbase and a four-cylinder engine, the car had a capacity of producing 747cc and 10.5hp power. The car competed at Brooklands in the Easter Monday Meeting in 1923 and achieved a flying lap of 62.40mph.

BMW Iso Isetta

Launched in 1953, the Iso Isetta was the first “bubble car” of the world. Intrigued? Well, you ought to, given the compact egg-shaped body of this peculiar car! Iso Autoveicoli manufactured the Isetta, but BMW redesigned the manufacturing plant in 1954. In the Mille Miglia road race that took place in the same year, the BMW Iso Isetta secured the 177th position. It was the last car to cross the finishing line. 


Form Trends | One of the strangest race cars of all time, the BMW Iso Isetta is also known as the “bubble car”

Rolls Royce Corniche

This model was launched in two versions, one being the hardtop coupe that was seen from 1971 to 1980 and the second being the convertible one that lasted from 1971 to 1995. Rolls-Royce was among the luxurious brands, and the Corniche model had the popular V8 engine.

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BMW M3 E30

The E30 generation M3 was made for racing in circuits. With a BMW S14 four-cylinder engine, the car proved to be a great race car. Bernard Béguin was the first one to drive the BMW M3 during 1987’s Tour de Corse. The race was a great success and paved the way for the M3 model.

Honda Civic Tourer

A mix of a classic family car and a powerful race car, the Honda Civic is one of the greatest models of all time. With a top speed of 130mph, the car had a 300bhp, 2.0-liter turbo engine that made the car compatible with racing circuits.


Honest John | A mix of a classic family car and a powerful race car, the Honda Civic is one of the greatest models of all time

Wrapping it up

Race cars have always been the center of attraction in the sports world, but the real credit goes to the minds behind their design. It’s because of them that we come across such stunning car models, and we hope they keep entertaining us with such innovative machines.

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