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America’s Gambling Industry Recorded Its Best Year Ever Despite Inflation

Expenses are increasing because of rising inflation in America. One might think casinos may be empty as the buying power of people is becoming low. However, American gamblers are shrugging off this belief and visiting casinos more than ever. In fact, Americans are losing more money at casinos today than in the past!

Karolina/Pexels | Rising inflation is a big problem for Americans

Casino Industry Raises US $15 Billion Revenue

According to recent figures, the U.S. commercial casino industry experienced its best round ever. The casino industry won over $15 billion from gamblers in the third quarter of 2022. The American Gaming Association, which is the trade organization for the casino industry, released its stats saying that the gambling halls will have their best year yet in 2022.

Casinos are operational in 33 states, out of which 16 casinos generated high quarterly revenues in gambling. These stats also include figures from the five largest states, which are considered the best markets for casinos, including Indiana, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Bill Miller association’s president and CEO said that while other businesses experience challenges, high consumer demand for the casino industry continues to fuel the industry’s success. He also added that the sustained momentum that we have achieved despite the economic volatility points to good overall gaming health and gives us confidence as we look toward the future.

Javon/Pexels | Despite inflation, gamblers spend a great deal on casinos

Gambling historian at the University of Nevada’s LAs Vegas David Schwartz said that people are willing to spend their money in casinos despite the economic instability. He also added that the continuing appeal of gambling might even increase the spending by visitors in the future. He made this forecast based on a Powerball jackpot that exceeded $2 billion and drew a lot of interest from people all across the country.

The commercial casinos separately generated a revenue of $15.17 billion from gamblers in July, August, and September of 2022. This figure doesn’t include revenues that the tribal casinos generated from the gambler. Also, the figures show that the revenues generated exceed the expected amount by 2% that was supposed to be generated in the respective months.

Miller said that it’s a good sign that the casino’s actual growth rate surpasses its expected growth rate in the third quarter of 2022. Table games and Land-based slots continue to be the main attraction and revenue-generating games. These games generated a revenue of $12.27 billion in the third quarter. Statistics for sports betting also showed a revenue rise of 81% since the last year, with an earning of $1.68 billion.

Ron/Pexels |Casino industry earned a revenue of $15 billion, much higher than 2021 statistics

Since September 2021, seven new sports betting markets have been added. The association forecasted a higher percentage of wins and solid growth in the existing market for sportsbooks than usual.

Revenue from sports in September betting has reached an all-time high with a revenue generation of $4.78 billion, which is more than the full-year revenue generation amount of $4.34 in 2021. According to reports at the time, internet gambling was ready to set a new quarterly revenue record of $1.21 billion in 2022.

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