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Biden Administration Ready to Tackle Climate Change With EVs

It seems as though we have much to look forward to come January 2021, especially in the climate change department, which was dubbed as “not a serious problem” in the previous years. The next Biden administration is raising concern and excitement about electric vehicles and the future of the auto industry.  It’s about time if you ask us.

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Joe Biden’s progressive campaign policy promises show that the newly elected president is optimistic about the ability of electric vehicles to influence the fight against climate change. To take it a step further, however, he claims that only the right attitude will make it a reality. Emotions are present both verbally and for a good reason, but there are concerns on several sides as well.

Biden Administration’s Policies on Climate Change

The electric car craze comes from the president-elect himself, who has championed two specific policies regarding electric cars in his campaign’s climate plan.

First of all, the first legislative year of the Biden program will see the acceleration of electric vehicle use by working with mayors and governors to deploy more than five hundred thousand new public charging stations by the end of 2030. The plan also includes targeting middle-class consumers. and the reconstruction of electric vehicles of the federal government tax breaks. All in all, the bottom line is to prioritize electric vehicles made in the United States whenever possible.

Secondly, the “unprecedented executive actions” from day one is to convert the federal government’s electrical system to a 100 clean energy, zero-emission vehicles electrical system and to ensure that the United States is ready to achieve 100 new light and medium vehicle sales for electrification with annual heavy vehicle upgrades.

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The Fault in an Otherwise Excellent Plan

Of course, any belief that the Biden administration will immediately transform the auto industry- which has been successfully working with the oil industry for more than a century- is unfounded. Sources have identified two main roadblocks, which low gas prices and probable control by the Republican Senate, which will limit the extent to which Biden can move forward with his plans.

Carla Bailor, president, and CEO of the Center for Automotive Research, wrote that despite her enthusiasm for electric vehicles, she saw shortcomings in existing internal combustion engines and transmissions that needed to be checked during the transition period. She also added that we have several years before internal combustion engines become obsolete, and we need to start training and proper plant management.

Another source claimed senators who are aware that Biden has the power to execute the decrees could be encouraged to find common ground on some of the EV’s proposals to prevent the administration from moving too far to the left.

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Of course, all matters remain tentative for now. But, the occurring actions and dialogue give one hope for the future. Here’s to one more reason to look forward to 2021.

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