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Chinese Citizens Protest Against “The Unjust” COVID Restriction Of Xi Jinping

In most parts of the world, the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Or, at least, it seems that it is over. In the United States, for instance, things have got back to normal. The federal government has decided to cease the restrictions of the pandemic. To begin with, borders are opened for international flights and the six feet social distancing is no more mandatory in public. Likewise, all of the other covid Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are lowered in the U.S.

Thus, looking at these measures, it seems that the pandemic is over in the country. The same is true for other countries. Be it in the United Kingdom, Canada, or New Zealand, the covid restrictions are no more in place. You will not see someone walking around wearing a face mask.

Anna / Pexels / While other countries worldwide have ceased COVID restrictions, the Chinese government imposes new restrictions.

But things are different in the epicenter of the virus: China. Essentially, the Wuhan province of China was the epicenter of the coronavirus. In the mid of 2019, the virus outbroke in this province. It did not take long to spread wildly across the world. So, apparently, China was the first country to develop native restrictions. Here are some of the COVID restrictions that were in place in China during the initial days of the virus:

  • Wearing face masks in public was mandatory.
  • Maintaining a six feet distance in public was put into effect.
  • People were confined in their homes.
  • Markets were closed, and businesses were shut down.
  • Lockdown was imposed.

Anna / Pexels / Latest COVID-19 restrictions in China are no different from the first coronavirus wave.

Essentially, these restrictions were considered COVID SOPs throughout the world. As we look at the latest restrictions imposed by the Chinese government, it seems apparent that these restrictions are no different than those that were in place during the first wave of coronavirus.

  • Is COVID Back in China?

According to the latest updates, the Chinese government thinks that the COVID-19 pandemic is still around. That is why Xi Jinping has imposed new COVID restrictions. These include wearing face masks in public, maintaining a six feet social distance, and avoiding unnecessary outings.

Cotton Bro / Pexels / The Xi Jinping government has imposed the latest COVID restrictions throughout the country.

Of course, the response is outpouring. On October 10, 2022, a bunch of Chinese activists were seen in play cards protesting against these latest restrictions. In the Chinese social media platforms, there were numerous hashtags criticizing these latest imposed restrictions.

These rules are outrageous, said one Chinese social media user. The user was seemingly outrageous about the “crazy” restrictions that are imposed by the Chinese government. Some argue that the virus is gone for good. Look everywhere in the world, and you will see that the days of COVID are gone. But the Chinese government does not think so.

Despite the outpouring response, Xi is not ready to ease COVID restrictions throughout China. As the restrictions sustain, Xi continues to face the wrath of the common citizens in China.

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