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Eugene Hall: The Staggering Net Worth of the NFL Great

Eugene Hall is a former professional football player and NFL referee who has earned an impressive net worth throughout his long career. He was born on June 28, 1940, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and played college football at the University of Maryland before being drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1967. He had an illustrious nine-season NFL career with over 500 carries and 22 touchdowns.

Sports Talks | Eugene Hall is a former defensive back who now serves as an NFL referee.

After retiring from playing football, he began officiating as an NFL referee until 1996, when he retired from that role as well. But what exactly is Eugene Hall’s net worth? Let’s take a closer look.

Hall’s Professional Football Career

Hall started his professional football career in 1967 when he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers. He had a successful run with the team for four seasons, during which time he had over 500 carries and 22 touchdowns.

After his stint with the Steelers, Hall went on to play for the New Orleans Saints from 1971-1973 before retiring from professional football in 1976.

The Legendary Career of Eugen Hall as an NFL Referee

After retiring from playing professional football, Hall began working as an NFL referee. He worked as a side judge and back judge throughout his refereeing career until 1996, when he retired after 24 years of service. During this time, Hall officiated games involving some of the greatest teams and players.

Elle | After retiring from the NFL – as a defensive back – the NFL great serves as an NFL referee.

Of course, it includes Super Bowl XXVIII between the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills.

The Staggering Net Worth of Eugene Hall

Given his impressive professional football and refereeing career, Hall has made a considerable amount of money throughout the years–it is estimated that his net worth currently stands at $2 million and much of his fortune comes from his NFL salary as a referee.

Additionally, Hall is also involved in various business ventures and investments, which have contributed to his overall wealth.

How Much Do NFL Referees Make on Average?

The income of NFL referees largely depends on experience. This means that experienced referees make more money as they may receive additional bonuses. On average, main NFL referees make up to $250,000 every year.

The Super Bowl bonus is around $11,900. However, Eugene Hall received much more than the average referee due to his many years of experience and impressive track record. And today, he continues to do so – and it adds up to his staggering net worth.

GTN | According to the latest updates of 2023, Eugene Hall has an ever-increasing net worth of $2 million.

Hall’s Career Highlights

During his time in the NFL, Hall officiated several important games. The leading ones include:
Five conference championships
Two Super Bowls.

Apart from that, he has also received several awards and commendations for his outstanding performance as an NFL referee. These include the Art McNally Award, Joe Fortunato Award, and the Tom Summers Award, among others.

Final Verdict

Eugene Hall is one of the most successful players in NFL history and has earned an impressive net worth during his long career. With over 500 carries as a player and 24 years as an NFL referee, Hall’s contributions to the league are undeniable. His estimated net worth of $2 million speaks volumes about his career success, both as a player and a referee.

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