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Everything You Need to Know About The 2021 F1 season

The Formula 1 Championship is among the most awaited sports events of 2021. Sports enthusiasts are already head over heels in love with the upcoming season, and with only one-and-a-half months to go, the excitement is at its peak.


The Drum | 2021 F1 Championship will involve a 3-day test session instead of the usual 6

To keep you in the loop, we’ve clubbed the recent updates of the planned sessions. Join us as we dish them out here for you.

Planning for 2021’s pre-testing session

After several discussions with the teams and the FIA, it’s been concluded that this time around, the test session will be of three days instead of six. The teams will be limited to use only one car for the testing, which means each driver will be getting only one-and-a-half days to prepare before the opening race in Bahrain.

Originally, this testing was planned to be held in Barcelona in early March, but due to the spread of Coronavirus, the plan changed. Thereafter, the lockdowns in Europe and BREXIT’s travel restrictions on UK teams forced Formula 1 to change the location. And then the shift in F1s opening race, which was supposed to take place in Australia on March 21 to Bahrain on March 28, forced the management to choose Sakhir as the final testing venue.

This basically means that now there will only be one test session in Bahrain from March 12 to March 14. FYI, the F1 cars are not yet launched officially. Hopefully, by late February or early March, the cars will be introduced.

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Motorsport Week | According to reports, there will only be one test session in Bahrain from March 12 to March 14

Will 2021’s F1 cars be different?

Even though 2021’s F1 cars must carry the same chassis as the last year, there are some changes expected. One of the major ones is intended to help Pirelli’s tires cope with the speed of the cars by focusing more on the floor, thereby reducing the down-force.

According to reports, Pirelli was asked to keep aside its 2019-spec compounds for the third season of the Formula 1 Championship. But when the teams tested next year’s prototype tires, some of them had a robust construction. This led to heavy criticism from drivers, and to date, the specification used in 2021s F1 cars has not been confirmed.

To reduce the overall cost, the teams have been asked to stick to their current chassis for 2021, but there’s a slight relief. They can spend their development tokens to modify several areas of their cars, including aerodynamics. Moreover, engine manufacturers have also been permitted to launch a new power unit before the opening race.

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Formula 1 | Major changes are being made to the cars as well

Wrapping it up

Even after going through troubles like Coronavirus and lockdowns, the 2020 F1 Championship was spectacular. Something similar is expected out of the 2021 season too, and hopefully, this season will be better than the last one. Keeping our fingers crossed!

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