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Explained: What the NASCAR All-Star Format Is All About

NASCAR has always been a favorite among racing enthusiasts, and with their latest All-Star format, they are set to add more excitement to the racing scene. The 2023 North Wilkesboro Race and All-Star Open are the next big events on the calendar, and fans are eagerly anticipating what is in store.

If you are one of those fans and want to know more about the rules and stages of the NASCAR All-Star format, you are at the right place. In this short article, we will explain everything you need to know about this format so you can enjoy the upcoming races to the fullest.

CBS Sports | In 2023, drivers will compete in North Wilkesboro in a nail-biting competition.

What Is the NASCAR All-Star Format?

Essentially, the NASCAR All-Star format is a specialized race format that is designed to amplify fan engagement and cross-promotion for the sport. The NASCAR All-Star Race is an invite-only event that features the sport’s top drivers. All with a select number of fan-voted competitors competing in a single-night event.

Thus, the first NASCAR All-Star Race was held in 1985, with a format that has evolved over time. The All-Star format was introduced as an exhibition race, and today, it carries a lot of prize money and prestige.

How the Rules & Stages Work

The traditional format of the All-Star race features two stages, with a final sprint to the finish in the third stage. However, NASCAR’s new format for the 2023 North Wilkesboro Race and All-Star Open includes six rounds, all of them with different formats and rules.

Elle | Shining since the 1980s, NASCAR All-Star is a single-night event that features fan-voted competitors.

Round One of the All-Star Open will feature a 50-lap race with all drivers on equal footing. The winner of this section will automatically advance to the All-Star Race. The other drivers will then have to compete in Round Two, which will be split into two segments.

The first segment will feature a knockout format, and only the top eight drivers will proceed to the second segment. In the second segment, drivers will have to finish in the top two positions to make it to the final segment.

A Three-Stage Qualifier

The All-Star Open’s third round will be a three-stage qualifier with a unique format. In the first segment, drivers will have to go through a knockout qualifier, with the top 12 proceeding to the second segment.

Similarly, in the second segment, there will be another knockout qualifier and the top six of those drivers will advance to the final segment. The final segment will be a six-car shootout, and the winner will advance to the All-Star Race.

US Daily | The third round – a three-stage qualifier – of the Open is where it gets interesting. Drivers go through a knockout stage at this point.

Apart from that, the All-Star Race is a six-stage event—the winner of each round advances to the next. Plus, the final round will be a 10-lap shootout, and thus, the winner will be crowned the 2023 NASCAR All-Star Race Winner.

What Makes the NASCAR All-Star Format So Unique?

The NASCAR All-Star format is unique because it is designed to bring the best competitors together and showcase their skills in a high-pressure setting. The All-Star format focuses on fan engagement and cross-promotion for the sport, which means that the competition is always intense and closely contested.

Furthermore, the All-Star Race features a unique format, where each round is different and requires a different skill set to be successful.

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