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Formula 1 Will Launch An “All-Female Drive” In Early 2023

Effective in early 2023, FI Academy will launch a new initiative that will be a holistically all-female drive. The F1 Academy initiative aims at empowering young female athletes to play at the mega sports events of Formula 1. Once this initiative is launched, female racers will compete in racing sports. The first season of female athletes will include:

– Formula 1

– F2

– Formula 3

– The W Series

Of course, these female racers will be competing with other female athletes. There will be five teams (of female racers) in the first series once the initiative is officially launched. Thus, these five teams will create a 15-car grid to compete in the first season.

MSNBC / Once the initiative is officially launched, female racers will be competing in Formula 3, F2, F1, and the W Series of racing sports.

According to the initial updates, this F1 Academy initiative is launched by the CEO of Formula Motor Sports, Bruno Mitchell. The CEO will be managing all the ins and outs of the first season. Bruno Mitchell will be the one who will oversee the first series of Formula 1, which will be an all-female drive.

Formula One Academy Initiative 2023

According to sources, an estimated amount of $170,000 will be spent on each car that will be used by the female racers. While the budget of athletes is not yet clear right now, people familiar with the matter argue that the same amount of budget will be dedicated to each female athlete. Similarly, the rest of the athlete’s budget will be covered by the respective team.

The E Tribune / Bruno Mitchell, the CEO of Formula Motor Limited, will be managing the first series of F1 in 2023, which will be an all-female drive.

Furthermore, initial reports tell us that there will be three races in the first season. Each event will comprise seven matches, making a total of 21 games in the first season. Bruno suggests that he himself will be overlooking the first season of Formula One Academy. If everything goes as planned, the initiative will be broadened further.

Female Empowerment: The Unwavering Objective of the Initiative

By “going well,” the advocate of Formula One Academy means that the season attracts the anticipated spectators. If fans like the initiative, female racers will be provided with an inclusive platform. A platform where female athletes can showcase their talent. Nonetheless, this is something the management is very optimistic about.

Sports Saga / The Formula 1 Academy initiative comes amidst ‘gender controversy’ and will unleash new opportunities for young female athletes.

However, it is essential to note here that gender controversy has been around popular racing sports. And this initiative of F1 can be a gateway to a new arena of opportunities for female athletes worldwide. The initiative is backed by the belief that females are also capable of doing great stuff – and the racing sport is no exception.

Nevertheless, the initiative is in the final stage. According to the official report of F1, the initiative will be effective from early 2023. Furthermore, the management has already scheduled the first season, which will be held in January 2023.

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