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Jets And Giants Prepare For NFL Draft

Over the past three years, the NFL Draft has attracted an average viewership of between six and eight million people throughout the three-day event. Its popularity trumps that of any other major league sports draft in the United States, becoming a signature event for the NFL over the course of its 87-year history by offering fans a first glimpse at the league’s future stars.

The annual event which serves as the league’s most common source of player recruitment. Each team is given a position in the drafting order in reverse order relative to its record in the previous year, which means that the last place team is positioned first and the Super Bowl champion is last.

From this position, the team can either select a player or trade its position to another team for other draft positions, a player or players, or any combination thereof. The round is complete when each team has either selected a player or traded its position in the draft. The first draft was held in 1936, and has been held every year since.

Football Wife/ Pexels | It’s not how you start, but how you finish

With all eyes on the teams and potential franchise-altering players on the line, it is useful for fans to understand how the draft works, how picks are awarded and the rules that govern everything from player eligibility to how long teams have to decide on their selections.

Hundreds of the finest college football players will have their fate determined by 32 NFL teams aiming to pick out the cream of the crop over a three-day period.

Jets and Giants 

Kelly L/ Pexels | In the NFL you get one first-round draft pick if you’re lucky

Draft systems are commonplace among US sports but are rarely ever deployed across European sports leagues. This won’t stop UK fans lapping up the NFL Draft with a host of hot prospects ready to give their new teams a shot in the arm ahead of the new season. The Jets and the Giants each had good plans for drafting in the first round that they executed well, creating excitement around their selections. 

The New York Giants and New York Jets are not seen as two of the best teams in the NFL, and both have made questionable draft decisions in the past. But, that was not the case this year. In his first draft as the Giants’ general manager, Joe Schoen landed Oregon pass-rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux at No. 5 overall, and then Alabama offensive lineman Evan Neal with the No. 7 overall pick.

Joe Calomeni/ Pexels | The worst team picks first and the best team picks last in the NFL Draft

Both entered Round 1 of this year’s N.F.L. draft with two picks apiece in the top 10, a godsend for rosters with holes at some of the game’s most important positions. At pick No. 4, the Jets secured the player many evaluators viewed as the top cornerback this year, Ahmad Gardner of Cincinnati.

With the No. 10 pick, one of the first-round selections they picked up through the 2020 trade of safety Jamal Adams to Seattle, the Jets added a target for their second-year quarterback Zach Wilson in Ohio State receiver Garrett Wilson.

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