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WWE: Why Your Entrance Music Matters

WWE is a unique form of entertainment that blends athleticism, storytelling, and theatrics – one aspect that adds to the spectacle is the entrance music of each WWE Superstar.

From the glass-shattering sound of Stone Cold Steve Austin to the sound of breaking news for AJ Styles, the entrance music sets the tone for the wrestler’s performance. However, entrance music is more than a catchy tune. It can boost the confidence of WWE Superstars and connect them with their fans.

Now, let’s go ahead and explore how entrance music impacts WWE Superstars and why it resonates with fans.

Sky News / Every piece of entrance music resonates with the persona of WWE superstars. Thus, it connects these stars with fans.

Boosting Confidence: The Power of Music

WWE Superstars have to perform in front of a live audience and on television. That spotlight can be intimidating for even the most experienced wrestlers. That is why many rely on entrance music to boost their confidence. The right entrance music can transform a wrestler into a larger-than-life character.

For instance, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s entrance music, “If You Smell…” elevated his persona from a wrestler to a megastar. As a result, he was more confident in the ring, which translated into better performances.

Another example is Sasha Banks, whose entrance music, “Sky’s the Limit,” delivers a message of positivity and perseverance. It is a message she takes to heart and uses as inspiration when she steps into the ring. To her fans, she embodies the message of her entrance music, and that connection fuels her confidence.

ABC News / Thanks to the power of music, the entrance music boosts the confidence of WWE superstars – setting them up for the big match.

Connecting With Fans: Music as an Extension of the WWE Superstars

Entrance music is more than a tune that plays while a wrestler enters the arena. It is an extension of the wrestler’s personality, character, and even their backstory. For instance, Finn Balor’s entrance music, “Catch Your Breath,” symbolizes his long journey to the WWE and the attitude he carries when he steps into the ring.

Fans connect with Balor’s story, and when his entrance music plays, it is a reminder of his journey. Similarly, Alexa Bliss’s entrance music, “Spiteful,” reflects her character.

The music creates an ambiance that matches her villainous character, and when fans hear it, they know that Bliss is coming to cause chaos. For fans, the music is a warning that something big is about to happen, which creates excitement.

Impact on Merchandise Sales: The Connection Between Music & Branding

Apart from boosting confidence and solidifying a connection with fans, entrance music also impacts merchandise sales. For instance, “Stone Cold “ Steve Austin’s entrance music, “Glass Shatters,” became synonymous with the wrestler.

Marca / Since entrance music tells the tales of WWE superstars, it acts as a branding of these athletes.

Fans associated the music with Austin and his brand of rebelliousness. As a result, merchandise sales exploded, especially for items featuring entrance music.

The same phenomenon occurs with current wrestlers and their entrance music. For example, the “Fiend” Bray Wyatt’s entrance music is chilling and unsettling. Fans connect that music with his character. Consequently, merchandise featuring the music is popular.

So, undoubtedly, entrance music is a significant aspect of the WWE. It boosts the confidence of WWE Superstars, connects them with fans, and impacts merchandise sales. Entrance music is more than a catchy tune. It is a reflection of a wrestler’s personality, character, and even their backstory.

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